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Favourite People of 2012: Jesse Cox & Crendor (JesseCoxWowCrendor)

These guys have such a good chemistry together, that it’s impossible not to like them! Plus, Jesse’s seemingly constant confusion and infuriation because of Crendor is pretty damn funny to me! Sorry, Jesse!

Good quality videos and podcasts, with entertaining, charismatic people are always gonna be a winner for me. And with their daftness, Jesse and Crendor never fail to deliver!

Submarine Crendor Cat | Tokyo Jungle P2 

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The Revelations of Revelations 2012

Crendor: Oh, my god! Oh, my god, look at this one!
Jesse: Which one? Whoa, what is he doing?!
Crendor: I don’t know! It looks like he’s about to eat something, but there’s nothing to eat.
Jesse: He’s imagining it!
Crendor: He’s imagining a great feast!
Jesse: Then over here, you have two giant eyes. This is me after playing games for 12 hours! Like, “Oh, I can’t play anymore!”
Crendor: It’s all a symbolic message! The previous one is you’re hungry, but you can’t eat ‘cause you’re playing games!
Jesse: Holy shit! And this guy is smoking the wacky tobacky. ‘Cause see, look. This guy over here is like, “‘ey, man, I got some herb for you, to calm your eyes.” And he’s like, “Okay, brother.” And so he’s smoking. And this guy’s like, “Yeah, that’s the shit.” And then your eyes become red again because of the weed!
Crendor: And then you’re just freaking out like this guy!
Jesse: And then you become sad!
Crendor: And then you get super sad, ‘cause you realise your life is just depressing.
Jesse: Right? Oh, my god, it all makes sense now.
Crendor: And then you become this guy, who has a giant pepper nose. That means you go back to your normal job at Chili’s.

(Source: youtube.com)

Revelations 2012 

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